Copyright of website content

tips-for-web-designersFor many years now, websites are an inevitable means of promotion, not only for companies, but also for counties, municipalities, cities, and individuals. Companies use websites to present the most basic information about themselves and their products to customers. Counties, municipalities and cities publish on their websites information about events in their area, and the individuals use them mostly for personal promotion in various areas. Because of that, the whole range of issues is posed when it comes to copyright on the content of the website, as well as elements related to the creation of the website. Learn more onĀ Volusia business attorney.

f5b579855bf1ea6cdadcfe750dce98bb2a489b0f_originalWhen a web designer makes a contract about creating and maintaining a website for an individual, a company, a municipality etc, first the contract is signed, then the website is made and after that the web designer continues to work on its maintenance. However, if there is termination of the contract, then there can come to violation of copyright, because of the many questions that were not precisely addressed in the contract. This situation can lead to a series of problems related to copyright that need to be resolved, e.g. who has the right on texts, graphics and other content that is on the website, does the web designer have copyright on parts of the website that are exclusively his creation, what are the rights of the client and the web designer after the contract has been terminated. Then, the issue is also whether the client can entrust another web designer to modify the website after the first contract was terminated, can a new designer in any way alter what was created by the previous web designer, and generally how to act in order not to commit copyright infringement.

10-social-media-tips-for-bloggers-291c07e39bIn relation with this situation, it is clear that the key issue of this situation is what happens with the website of a company when it was created by an employee, and what happens when the contract was concluded with a web designer as a subcontractor. In fact, to know what to do, we must get acquainted with the Copyright Law.