Rights of a photographer as the author of photos

With rising number of Internet sites, internal newsletters and services for public photo viewing, the number of unauthorized use of other people’s photos is also on the increase.

iStock_000014022439XSmallA photograph is the only medium that by its very creation has the status of authorized work. At the moment of pressing the shutter, the person who created the photo becomes the author of it, and his work is under the protection of the Copyright Law. Therefore it is clear that there is no photograph that is not protected by copyright, and if we do not know who the author is, it does not give us the right to use the photos found on the Internet, in magazines or in books. If you want to learn more visit Orange County Asset protection attorney.

Publishing photos without the signature of the author is punishable, unless the author has given a written statement that he does not want to be signed. Therefore, if you see your photograph published anywhere without your signature, even if you allowed it to be used, the one who released it without your signature can be prosecuted. If you did not give permission for the photo to be used, then the Copyright Law was also violated, and the infringement is even bigger.

CopyrightWith growth of simple tools for image processing it has become popular to take other people’s photos and process them to show the author that there is a better way of seeing the scene. This is also punishable. Without authorization, the work under copyright should not be altered in any way. To put it briefly, you are not allowed to alter and use other people’s photographs without written permission, you can only watch and comment them. This law protects you as the author as well, so do not neglect it.

NotCommons-emblem-copyrighted.svgThe sign “Ā©” is used internationally as an abbreviation for the term “copyright”, by which we recognize copyrighted content. After the sign comes the name of the copyright owner and the year of the first publication. A photograph is always a copyrighted work and therefore does not need to be specifically marked – it is always protected.